Understand your ThinkMap (thinking-behavior patterns)
to build a fruitful relationship with yourself, your loved ones, and your business partners

ThinkMap© is a thinking-behavioral assessment tool a leader should master in order to understand how people, including himself, think, react and behave in different spheres. It will not only help him direct & navigate his team more effectively, minimize conflicts at the workplace, but also improve his relationships in general outside professional work.

Paxcis’ ThinkMap Profiling explains a general insight of what is your thinking pattern and behavioural tendencies in certain contexts. It represents the way you relate to others and responds to events. It is a way in which you can understand yourself to be able to relate to others.

At its core, ThinkMap analyzes people’s characters and capabilities; eliminate their limiting beliefs, and increasing confidence

Why ThinkMap is so important

Knowing our own thinking map will certainly help us understand ourselves and others better. The benefits of knowing you and your team profile are
– expanding your own perspective: why you do what you do
– improving the relationship with your team and creating a high performing team
– improving the relationship with your loved ones
– building confidence
– be happy

In Paxcis Profiling, there are four basic profiles: Yellow-Chameleon [YC], Red-Lion [RL], Blue-Owl [BO], and Green-Lamb [GL].

The characteristics are for observing and identifying, rather than judging.It is perceptual leans that govern how do see the world the way we see it. It is our map of mind that either supports or limits us in achieving our goals. it is our frame of mind that makes us happy or miserable.

There are lots of profiling methods out there. They each have their own upsides and downsides. Whatever method you use, it is important that you know how to relate it with yourself, how do you perceive the world, how you think-feel, speak-act, and make a decision.

Paxcis’ ThinkMap is a combination of Jung-personality types, Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP)’s meta-programs, and Paxcis Identity’s career patterns.

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The workshop is facilitated by
Hany Gungoro, CFA
Financial & Career Consultant
ThinkMap Profiler
Business Model, People & Organization Consultant

IG: hanygung_paxcis
LinkedIn: Hany Gungoro, CFA

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