Celebrating Life is a theme coined by my fellow meta-coach Wahyudi Akbar in the 52th episode of his wake-up Call Teman Ngobrol”. 

He celebrated the idea of his “Teman Nogbrol” … He celebrated his perseverance … He celebrated his consistent effort … He celebrated the impact of his program to him and to his audience …

I celebrated his celebration …

There are many events in our lives that are worth celebrating, like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, getting a promotion, etc that give us and people around us an amazing feeling. It boosts our confidence and increases motivation.

However, for whatever reason, some of us fail to celebrate. I used to be one of them. Looking back to my old days with my old unresourceful self-talk, I realized that I hardly had any celebration in my life.

First, I successfully told myself that “to relax is a sin”. Working twice, three times as hard as the others was a warrant in order to succeed. Second, I sold myself short because I believed there is a sky above my sky. So, every time I achieved something, I just said to myself “okay that is good …. but let’s get back to work soon … because there are others who can do more than you”. Nothing was worth enough to celebrate.

In essence, I was too hard on myself and too modest to the point of self-deprecation.

Without realizing it, my refusal to acknowledge, to give credit to my own achievements actually increased my stress level and heightened my introverted- reserved personality. And that prevented me from doing what I was good at.

Thankfully, as I learned more about profiling and about myself, I gradually managed to overcome my self-limiting beliefs by working on my self-identity and my purpose every day. Yes, it takes time and effort, but It is possible. I have learned to appreciate myself and to celebrate in my own way to bring out the best in me.

What I have done:
1- studied profiling and my thinking profiles
2- found a coach who could help me overcome my limiting beliefs
3- practiced self-motivation skills
4- worked out to strengthen my body and mind
5- joined some volunteer organizations
6- working on my goals and life purpose
7- never give up!

Celebrating life instead of fear is a skill we need in our life. Let’s practice and build that habit.


What steps you have taken? How does it go? Please share with us your experiences. I hope some of the insights will be helpful to you, wherever you find yourself right now.

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