I used to have negative self-talk which had badly affected my sleeping quality and mood. As a result, my work quality deteriorated, and it slowly eroded my confidence.

Our bodies, our societies, and our universe form an ecology of systems and sub-systems all of which interact with and mutually influence each other. Our unconscious mind absorbs every positive or negative word we say without any question or filter. Then, our own body responds to what is in our mind.

Imagine what happens inside the warehouse of your memory (mind-body) If you keep telling yourself unresourceful stories. You fill your house (mind-body) with crap and it smells unpleasant. It creates a spiral down effect on your mental health and on your confidence to do the things you want to do or how you value yourself.

We can’t be more confident in what we do without changing the old habits (old stories or old shelves).

We are all governed by four powers in our lives. The power to think, feel, say, and do. Only you have the right and the ability to change your old habits … your old stories. As Victor Frankl said “no one can make me hate them!. The power is in your hand. You have total control over how to respond to the things that happen in your life.

You can choose to stick to your old un-resourceful frame of mind, or you can choose to build your confidence up no matter what the challenges might be.

After understanding this principle, I became more aware of myself, and it helps me to be more accepting and in charge. This sense of awareness is indeed the route to confidence.

How has your self-talk impacted your mental and body? Please share your experiences

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Hany Gungoro

Hany is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and has more than 30 years of experience in various corporate projects. Most of Hany's consulting work is focused on financial management, people & organizational performance. She is the founder of ICreateME, a platform to help her fellow professionals reinventing their career path, breaking the “I am not good enough circle”, learning more about themselves, and be financially independent. Hany is a yoga and meditation practitioner.

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