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How to decide our career path properly? Sometimes we don’t know exactly what we want, or what our circumstances demands. Would you like to share how to identify it and get it sustain?


Finding out which career path is right for us is a process, which requires time.

For some, that choice may be easy and immediate because they know from the very beginning what they want. But for some, the process may take longer or much longer than others. The essence of finding your career is to follow the “testing & learning” model; a kind of iterative rounds of action and reflection, which leads to different possibilities.

A ‘right’ career may also depend on individual motivation and passion. 

The essence of finding your career is to follow the “testing & learning” mode

One way of doing it is by social testing. That means, joining various communities, be it social, professional, sports, or volunteer groups; and participating in their activities or projects to see if you can find what you ‘like’ there. In my experience, the chance of reinventing your career is more difficult if we just do research without real actions and/or plans.  

Another option is to conduct a full career assessment. This means you will need to find a professional or a reputable career consultant to help you.

I hope this can give you an idea of where to start ….

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