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Covid-19 pandemic is a systemic problem that has changed all aspects of human life. While some countries are hanging by a thread, others have entered the unavoidable recession. Businesses have slowed down drastically around the world, leaving many with no choice but to lay off their employees to cut costs and stem losses; some, even had to shut down their operation entirely. The consequences are massive: people have lost their source of income, millions are out of work, the world’s economy is slowly grinding to a halt.

Managing life in this current situation is extremely tough. People from all walks of life are struggling to cope. They are drained physically, mentally, and emotionally every day, trying to figure out how to get out of this crisis, how to survive… And this is what I have been dealing with for the past few months as a head hunter and a coach. I have received hundreds of resumes from people hoping to find even the smallest chance of employment and I have also received a lot of phone calls from people seeking financial advice. They are all worried and concerned about their financial situation regardless of whether they have extra savings/funds or not.

So the question is … what do we need to do in order to survive in this difficult time?

In my entire career, there are two major events that have given me the strength and confidence to survive financially.  When I started my first job after graduating from university, my father’s business went downhill. It was so bad that in the end, the bank confiscated all of my parents’ business properties and our only house. We were left with totally nothing. My parents rented a smaller house for all of us and I helped pay some of the household expenses with my salary. Then my father got ill. To pay for all his medical bills, I used a credit card loan which cost me all my savings. I literally had to wait for the next paycheck to organize his funeral when he passed away a few years later.

Going through all that was not easy for me at all and I did cry a lot. But I survived! These experiences have taught me while hard work and knowledge are important, skills and attitude toward life are equally paramount. The idea of SDDK is based on my years of struggle and the wisdom I gained from the whole experience.  

SDDK is the basic quotient that will give an impetus to your knowledge, skills, and attitude. Living the values of D.U.I.T will give you a clear direction and a stronger meaning to what and how you live your life every day, in whatever situation you are facing.   It will build-up your resourcefulness and resilience inside you. (I will share this more in my next posts)  

Moral of the story

If you are worried or feeling insecure because there are fewer job opportunities (as a working and /or self-employed professionals) or less demand (as a business owner), you are not alone. It is just a sign that you need to contemplate the meaning of DUIT in your life

So what is SDDK and what is DUIT? How can SDDK complete the equation to help us survive this financial pressure?

Beyond Number by paxcis.com will host a monthly Zoom meeting, every first Thursday of the month. We will invite a guest speaker (Sahabat Paxcis) who will share his /her way of living prosperously with DUIT. 

See you every first Thursday of the month

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Hany is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and has more than 30 years of experience in various corporate projects. Most of Hany's consulting work is focused on financial management, people & organizational performance. She is the founder of ICreateME, a platform to help her fellow professionals reinventing their career path, breaking the “I am not good enough circle”, learning more about themselves, and be financially independent. Hany is a yoga and meditation practitioner.

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