Understand your ThinkMap (thinking-behavior patterns)
to improve your quality of life

Covid-19 already becomes a systemic crisis or systemic shock for most companies around the world. To handle this systemic crisis, business leaders need to consider systemic changes in the way they run the business. And to navigate the systemic changes process, business people require systemic thinking skills. 

Systemic Changes
it is a fundamental change that affects how the whole system functions

Systemic thinking
It is about understanding how things inter-relate and work together.  

ThinkMap© is a thinking-behavior pattern that governs the way think, feel, act, and speak.

It is perceptual leans that govern how do see the world the way we see. It is our map of mind that either supports or limits us in achieving our goals. it is our frame of mind that makes us happy or miserable.

Knowing our own thinking map will certainly help us understand ourselves and others better. The benefits of knowing you and your team profile are
– expanding your own perspective: why you do what you do
– improving the relationship with your team and creating a high performing team
– improving the relationship with your loved ones
– building confidence
– be happy

Paxcis’ ThinkMap is a combination of Jung-personality types, Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP)’s meta-programs, and Paxcis Identity’s career patterns.

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The workshop is facilitated by
Hany Gungoro, CFA
Financial & Career Coach
ThinkMap Consultant
Business Model, People & Organization Consultant

IG: hanygung_paxcis
LinkedIn: Hany Gungoro, CFA

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