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managing your career and money mindset …. retire with a smile happy, healthy and wealthy  …

if you are facing the following situation …

  • have career setback (fired, laid off, unemployment), and you want to bounce back
  • have a career without direction and satisfaction
  • want to change your career directions but have no idea what else you could do or where to start … and you’re afraid of making mistakes.
  • have a career you want but you are not moving forward at the rate you want or you are in a working environment that does not fit you
  • or you just being in a situation where you simply need an independent perspective to decide where should you take your career next.  

Join Paxcis’ Signature Class
Career & Money Class
Retire Happy, Healthy and Wealthy
29 & 31 July 2020

Investment Rp 800,000

In this class,  you’ll learn how to: 
– reset career-money mindset 
– develop resourcefulness skill
– create career-money objectives 
– decide where and how to start (again) …

What you will learn from this class are factors that shape your career, create your personal career and money objectives, find out where are you now, develop your resourcefulness skill in order for you to make positive change, facing a setback, and execute the plans, and learn what to consider when you are preparing your career and money game-plan.  

You will also gain insights into what is your money story, and how you take ownership so you can choose your response and make it empower you in managing the money.

This session is the first part of our Career & Money 40 hours Combined Online-Offline Workshop which is designed on how to look into the perspective of your current career and money management so that you can get a clear view of what works and what’s not.   

It’s a hands-on practical class that will voice out  a range of thoughtful viewpoints  on how to manage your career and money and  retire happy, healthy, and wealthy

The complete 40 hours Career & Money Workshop are as follows:

  • Four Online Class @2hours
  • Three Days Offline Class @8 hours
  • Two-part of assessment, Self-Reading Materials, and Game-Plan Reviews (total of 8 hours individual works)

In this Intensive workshop, you will learn in-depth …

  • Get know the Paxcis’ Career & Money Framework
  • Implement strategies to improve your career values and relationship with money
  • Gain clarity of purpose; articulate clearly and simply your career & money goals
  • Find your career identity and take your workday to a whole new level!
  • Change your money story and understand the basic money/investment planning
  • Work on your limiting beliefs or cognitive bias that  prevent you from moving up in your career and weaken your relationship with money
  • Prepare career game-plan to help you achieve the career objectives
  • Develop more your resourcefulness skill; to make positive change, facing a setback, and execute the plans
  • Walk toward a path that reflects a coherent career and money story that gives you a sense of meaning
  • Review your career profile (CV)
  • Discussion and Q&A
  • A follow-up session with Hany through WhatsApp

The workshop is facilitated by
Hany Gungoro, CFA
Financial & Career Coach
ThinkMap Consultant
Business Model, People & Organization Consultant

IG: hanygung_paxcis
LinkedIn: Hany Gungoro, CFA

My Profile
As I live through my own journey, from working as a career professional for more than 23 yrs to a fulfilling career as a “career & financial coach”; as well as ThinkMap Consultant;  I able to understand the challenges of being in a career or in a working environment that does not fit to you,  being in a  situation where you are confused with your career situation, or being in a situation where you simply need an independent perspective to decide where should you take your career next.

My personal connection with money and wealth was built when my family business gone down badly and ended with the bank confiscating all my parent’s business properties and left only one house.  Being left with totally nothing and as the eldest of seven who have just started my first job at that time, I had to lead the family to survive financially.