My social media consultant kept asking me to take more pictures. Perhaps she feels that my current stock is getting too dull. So today, before leaving for a meeting, i asked my friend to shoot several pictures of me. She was stunned for a few second, and finally said “you look different now” I knew what she want to say?!?

Anyway, they happily took the photo and Iam happy with the results ..

I used to be pretty reluctant to take a shot of me and chose to stay behind the camera. Most people love taking photo of themselves, but not everyone love the results. They judge, they criticize, they compare unfavorably to “others photo”.

In essence, they simply hard on themselves.

People who are hard on themselves might hear almost nothing but negatives about themselves. Whether it’s blaming themselves for a bad decision from years ago, setting an impossible high standards that can never be reached, extremely good at finding faults with themselves, don’t recognize their own achievement because they think that everyone can do what they do, and many others.

While they know that there are absolutely no benefits of self-criticism, it’s strange that people keep doing it. Doing that will only lower your self esteem. Having such a habit will bring you to self-helplessness ..

That’s me in the past.
Now .. as my friends said … Iam different.

I learn to be compassionately demanding of myself. While, i still set a high standard in my personal and professional life, I set limits. I am building confidence, self-love, and (resourceful) thinking skills. I put what i’ve learned into practice. I will explore more in the next few post

So take photo of you as much as you want, and learn to accept and love the person in the pics unconditionally. It takes time and effort, but it is worth having.

It is never too late to start investing in yourself or stepping-up investment in yourself. As we approach 2022, Let’s execute your “investment-in-me” plan and start enjoying your personal ROI.

See you in the next post

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