Executive Search


A right professional in the right place helps an organization to be successful. A right professional in the right place with wealth-values in his mind will lead him to satisfied life - Paxcis Identity

Our executive-search focuses on finding the right professional for an organization and finding the right organization for a professional. We define (the word) “RIGHT” as Competencies-fit, Compensation-fit, Career-progress-fit, Character-fit, and Chemistry-fit.

While a prospective candidate may have the right educational background, skill-sets and previous professional experiences that match the job, there is no guarantee that this candidate is the right person for the job. Character and chemistry are also take an important role in building a top-performers team. Yet, those values are hard to quantify. There are a million possibilities with your organization ended up with the not-so-well-fitted professional(s). While it might seems like a tedious task for many organizations, we have developed the best system that can help you fill in the gap between your organization needs for professional(s) and the available professionals.

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” Jim Collins, Good to Great

How? By conducting an in-depth candidate profiling coupled with a clear understanding on the company’s (prospective employer) culture and its successful criteria for the job. We focus on the provisioning of your organization with candidates who excel in what they're doing and clear about what they want to achieve in terms of career. In addition to it, we also provide post-hiring service which is to ensure the smooth integration of the newly hired into their new working environment.

What we do

  • Strategic Hiring
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Profiling and Talent Assessment
  • Induction and Integration to new position
  • Group or Individual Coaching for Higher Performance
  • Executive Training for Higher Group Performance

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