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Never let your beliefs that limit you from solving your issues stop you from taking your career or life to the next level - Paxcis Identity

Our coaching sessions have helped professionals and businessmen in overcoming the limiting beliefs or thinking bias that set them back in their work or their business. Thus, preventing them from moving toward their goals. High-performing companies understand that coaching for their senior leaders and high potentials professionals is absolutely essential to their success.

Successful professionals aware that they need a coach who can help them create impactful changes in their mindset and behaviour, and achieves performance. They need a coach who can help them mobilize their internal power that enables them to achieve the levels of performance to a degree that may not have been possible if left to their own limiting beliefs.

How a successful executive benefit from a coaching session

The work of a coach is not solely about giving advice or fixing your problems. Rather, the real work of a coach is helping you understand the thinking that creates the problems and creatively finding solutions. It involves challenging you to tell the truth so that there are no more excuses or anything by which you sell yourself short of your potential. Once you understand your way of thinking, you can empower you with more choices and resources to take action, enabling change. The work of a coach is to create a safe and reflective place for that process.

Everyone needs a coach - quoted from CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt in his interview with Fortune Magazine and Bill Gates in his TedTalk.

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