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Never let your beliefs that limit you from solving your issues stop you from taking your career or life to the next level - Paxcis Identity

There is a misconception that coaching is only for the under-performers, that coaching is only for the ones who did wrong. The reality is that everyone needs a coach.

  • Coaching is for those who are living below their potentials or those who suffer from low self-esteem and self-confidence. It is about overcoming the limiting beliefs or thinking bias that set them back in their work or their business, thus, preventing them from moving toward their goals.
  • Coaching is for professionals who are doing excellent in their current roles but are holding back to get out of their comfort zones to switch roles or move up to the next level.
  • Coaching is for those who are already experts in their fields with years of experience to help them manage their ego and expand their “flexibilities and perspectives”.
  • Coaching is for high-level managements who feel “alone” in their position, craving for honest feedbacks and healthy challenges to their opinions.
  • Coaching is for professionals who are facing transition as they are recently being promoted to a higher level or to new responsibilities in other geographical areas.

The bottom-line is that coaching is a unique experience where you can discover yourself, eliminate interferences, frame negative self-talks and beliefs, and begin to create changes in behavior and performance.

Everyone needs a coach - quoted from CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt in his interview with Fortune Magazine and Bill Gates in his TedTalk.

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