Board Consulting

“People Analytic is the future, not HRIS (Human Resources Information System)” - hanygung

The presence of a steadfast and supreme board of management is critical to the success of every organizations. A solid board of management grows and safeguards the shareholders’ assets. We help clients in strengthening the wholesome of their board of management;and providing guidance in enforcing the company's business strategy and achieving greater success. Our Board Consulting Services focus on providing advice on board succession & board assessment, developing Leaders from within, and build up the company's competencies with People Analytics

Board Succession

  • CEO Succession
  • Board (Talent) Assessment
  • Individual development

Many organizations find the processes for mapping-out and preparing the next generation of leaders is challenging. We facilitate the shareholders in succession planning; identifying and developing leaders who are prepared to assume the roles as they become available. A board can only bring forth expected results if they work to their strengths and as a team.

We also provide a service for your company in evaluating the board’s composition and dynamics as well as assessing their strengths. We will then prepare the objective reports of our findings based on the agreed-upon assessment criteria and robust discussions with each individual directors.

To keep up with today’s business requirements, every board members should have the opportunity to develop his or her competencies, technical skills, mindset, and leadership. We work intensively with the individual of the board and management to develop and execute their leadership or management development program.

Developing Leader from Within

Today, companies fiercely compete in attracting the best talent. That does not necessarily mean bringing in outside talent. It is also about developing from within. When an organization has the right Learning Structure and System in place, they are already one step ahead – a distinct advantage from your competition. Our works include facilitating board consulting session, brainstorming workshops, and project management to assist management in:

  • Building an affective learning structure
  • Creating a high-impact Mentoring Program
  • Transforming human resources

People Analytic

Aside from being supported with experts, we are also supported with an advance application system. A solid People Analytic System is essential to make vital decisions, analyze future success, and maintain an edge over the competition. Our IT and HR Team has more than 10 years of experience and are ready to support your organization with a thorough People Analytic Report that will improve your Human Resources's quality.

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