Board Consulting

“Leave the past success behind, manage the present business well, but be prepared for the future. Those are the real work of management” - Paxcis Identity

Our expertise and passion is to prepare companies and its leaders for the future. Whether through innovation game, succession game, acquisition game, or a simple 5mm-shift tactical game, which through it we aim to help the company and its leader to prepare their future.

What we do best

to increase the shareholder value through
  • Orchestrating financial system, people & organization, and information system to be in sync
  • Finding the right people for the right position, including strategic hiring, develop leaders from within, board succession, etc.
  • Working with shareholders on Merger and Acquisition projects
  • Working with leaders and management team on how to re-framing the outdated assumptions and mindsets
  • Map those assumptions and mindset, and prepare for the future - how to think out of the box and JUMP out of their box

Our contribution to the client success comes from our more than 25 years experience in business and company strategic projects. It also comes from our expertise in understanding and making people aware of their “thinking behaviour” mindset and their blind spot, and thus how they can work on it for their personal growth or professional purposes.

Our previous projects include

  • Part of Advisory Board; providing strategic and financial advices.
    1. Reinventing business model to win back competition
    2. Building an innovative mindset, thinking and resourcefulness skill of the management team
    3. Conducting Thinking and Behaviour assessment using our ThinkMap tools ( to improve hiring quality, working relationships, and succession plan
  • Financial Transformation; Re-building financial system and the people Transforming the Finance function from being the bean counter - recording and reporting on results to being the navigatorprovide navigation and deliver values. For more info click here
  • ERP Implementation; helping the management in aligning the company goals and right ERP, challenging the assumptions, design the information structure, and helping the team in overcoming the mental and technical barriers in ERP Implementation.
  • People Analytics; enhancing your existing HR application system to become a People Analytics System.
  • Organizational Learning; expanding the capacity of your organization, and your people, to create the results you truly desire with a tailor-made learning structure.
  • Business Strategy and People & Organization alignment; revamping business strategy and its people to stay ahead of the competition and build resiliency through challenging period .

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