Who is Paxcis

Paxcis Identity is a PLACE for a financially healthy business and self-fulfilled life. If you are a business owner, it means that your business has the financial strength and good reputation to serve your customers well.

If you identify as an individual or career professional, it means that you are self-aware, maximizing your potential, doing what you do best, gaining financial independence, and looking forward to a happy retirement.

We provide you with a clear roadmap that can help you manage your business, career, and money in a way that allows you to meet not only your current needs but your long-term goals as well. Our unique strength lies in our ability to balance the technical-side and human-side of the implementation. If you are looking for a difference that make a difference, we are the “Board Consultant and Beyond Numbers Consultant” that you can consider.

Are you satisfied with your business, career or life today?

In paxcis, we value

  • Impact over results
  • Relationship over billing
  • Value over cost
  • Deliver more than promised
  • Listen more than talk
  • hanygung@paxcis.com
  • +62( 81 ) 119 8051
  • Hany.Gungoro

Our Two Notable Classes

Let's Hear Your Voice

Let's grab a coffee and talk about possibilities

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss and clarify your organization particular needs or just send your request for proposal. For you, professionals, feel free to drop us your career profile (curriculum vitae or cv) to finding.myplace@paxcis.com or

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